Training: Electronic on board

Saturday 24. March 2018 I finally got to attend my first Electronic on board training south of Basel.

Have you ever over the sea chart table on the boat where all the switches are opened that board and looked behind it? Usually there is spaghetti in read of cables that I have no clue about what and how this could work. So to get more knowledge on this and also have the chance to locate an electric problem I booked this training a few months ago. 

Yesterday was the day that was supposed to start very early: 8h.

That meant over an hour drive with the car and getting up shortly after 6 o'clock to be there on time. Well luckily  I could use Martin's green Mercedes that is parked while he had his last day cycling at Côte d'Azur. I walk up to the Mercedes and unlock the door and turn the key to start the engine, well there is no start of the engine! Only a big blinking dash board that looks like an american Christmas tree lightning. After 3 tries I give up and resort to find a plan B to get to Basel, quickly!
At 7.45 o'clock I sit in my small Mobility car sharing Citroën and start driving towards Basel. It took me 10 minutes to set plan B in action, I am quite satisfied with my resourcefulness!

At 8.15 I walk in late to my class and am the last to present myself and have no clue who is sitting around me. So during the day I get a better picture of my classmates and find out that 3 of them are Scandinavia fans which give me tips for harboring both on the west coast of Sweden and Norway as well as around Bornholm. Very nice!

We have class all day, I learn tons of stuff. The last 3 hours we get an exercise in groups of 2 and have to get a lamp to burn with a "car" battery as power supply. We have to install switches and fuse and change cable diameters as well use cable lug and squeezer. Very fun!

We are finished around 18.15h, a long day, but I learned so much also how to use my multimeter correctly!