Planning · 17. July 2018
I really love this quote by Winston Churchill: "Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential." I think over the last 6 weeks of my sailing project, I have gained a deeper understanding of this quote. To some degree this project is teaching me life lessons, that I would not have chosen. I love to plan and think things through and research things as well putting it into action. What challenges me though is, when my plan needs adaption. The last weeks have made me realize that for...
Planning · 09. June 2018
Next thing that is broken! I'm so sad! This rod Martin prepared for my trip organizing everything that I need to fish in the lakes. I had this rod packed in the hardcase suitcase and just now found the broken off tip. I don't know if a rod works without this tip or if it is ruined? This disappoints me more than other things that have broken, because it's a connection with my sweetheart. So sorry Martin, what should I do now?
Planning · 29. May 2018
Yesterday evening I ran around finding everything that needed to come along. The only thing that I couldn't find are some sunglasses, luckily I have some spare ones. To not go overweight I bought a handle scale. The suitcase on the floor with all books and technology is 23 kg now. Hope to manage by tonight!
Planning · 19. May 2018
Fitness training for the boat trip when there is not much space and hardly any flat surface.
Planning · 03. May 2018
So by now 4 enrollments with children between 2-10 years old have been done. I'm very excited about this, because the origin to undertake this sailing adventure steams from my own sailing memories and time on the archipelago as a child.
Planning · 24. January 2018
Thanya and I planning for her 2 weeks participation and looking into options.
Planning · 25. December 2017
Finally my harbor handbooks for my sailing in summer are complete including the lakes Vättern and Vänern.
Planning · 17. December 2017
After HD"s now legendary Weisswust Christmas party, we sat together the next morning discussing the route next summer. HD is intense and wanted to know almost all. We had fun exploring where we would be every week of the trip.
Planning · 28. October 2017
This is how it looks currently in my living room with charts to figure out distances on the floor for planning the sailing routes of next year.