This is me and S/Y Sofia II

About Sofia

My name is Sofia and I turn 49 summer 2018, when I do this sailing trip that this blog is about.


I was born in Stockholm and spent all my summers to the age of about 10 years old on an island called Longholmen just east of the town Brevik, Tyresö located just south east of Stockholm. You see the house below on the island, that was sold 1980 I think. 

The right picture is at the age of 12 with my uncle Nore (†), he was my godfather, sailing from Helsingborg to Ystad partly the same route we want to take in July 2018.

Summer 1977 my family emigrated from Stockholm, Sweden to south of Germany east of Stuttgart. I started first grade over again in Germany. During some of my summer holidays in Sweden around the age of 11 I went to opti sailing camps organized by Kungliga Svenska Segelsällskapet .

In Germany I finished school and went on to  study Industrial Design (Produktgestaltung) in Stuttgart. After my studies at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste my first designer job brought me to Solothurn, Switzerland summer 1999. Since then I have worked and lived in Switzerland with exception summer 2012-2014, when I worked 4 days a week in Mannheim, Germany.


Quickly I started taking up sailing again spring 2000 getting my licence for the Swiss lakes. Around then the dream was born to sail on my own keel in Sweden in the archipelagos.

May 2009 I finished my Swiss yacht master, you can see that below on the license picture row 9, issued 11.05.2009!

The chance came up to take 3 months off summer 2014 for sailing. This now is my second time fulfilling this dream getting 3 months off work again.


S/Y Sofia II, Bavaria 37 - Martin is not peeing, just checking that we are fast
S/Y Sofia II, Bavaria 37 - Martin is not peeing, just checking that we are fast

About S/Y Sofia II


S/Y Sofia II is a Bavaria 37

Length: 11,55 m

Width: 3,68 m

Depth: 1,4 m

Height mast: 16,5 m

Sailing sheet: 57 m2

Motor: Volvo Penta 29 Hp (kW)

Watertank: 2x150 l

Diesel: 150 l

Due to the short keel Sofia II can harbor really close to the rocks in the natural harbors in the archipelagos.