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Important news · 13. August 2018
Anna M. sent me this link showing how dry Sweden has become without rain for almost 3 months. It's visible from space! Swedens drought
Important news · 12. August 2018
Those who have followed this journey of mine will have noticed that I've had many struggles that I have overcome so far. Still this project has asked for a lot of my energy. Therefore I asked Sarah and her gang that had booked the last week with me to let me off the hook, so I can end prematurely. The whole group around Sarah was very understanding and forthcoming. They will get their fees back from me when I'm back in Switzerland. This means this week is my second last on the boat. This feels...
Important news · 08. August 2018
We might end up more north than planned this week. Which would be good, since next week's weather forecast is a bit unstable. So next crew Antje M. Veronica and Christin and Alvar you might meet me in Västervik instead of Oskarshamn. I will know for sure tonight!
Important news · 06. August 2018
My crew was amazing, we got the Genoa down quickly and organized a cart to take it to the sailmaker. Arriving at the sailmaker and looking at the sail the condition of the sail was a lot more severely damaged than we thought. His recommendation was not to repair it and if it would take him a day and not worthwhile. So what I did there was calling Hans up, the owner of Sofia II and having him talking directly with the sailmaker. The latest news now is Hans has a spare sail, but we don't know how...
Important news · 02. August 2018
Dear next crew, you will find Sofia II docked here at this pier closest to the yellow service house and the clubhouse. I think it is 6th or 7th spot counted from the water harbor entrance away. Look at the attached picture below trying to give you enough clues. It's about 3km away from the train station, so grabbing a taxi could be good. Ask for Karlskrona Segelsällskapets harbor on Dragsö.
Important news · 02. August 2018
A Russian Car Carrier has been grounded north of Oskarshamn in the archipelagos and is now being towed to Oskarshamn. Sadly it leaked a lot of oil in the area.
Important news · 22. July 2018
You probably noticed that it's been awfully quiet for almost 2 days. The reason is my sister living in south Sweden canceled for this weeks sailing due to her needing the time to regenerate and not be her worst on the boat. She is taking care of herself, which she should! On top of that Martin, my boyfriend, who now has sailed one week with me and I hadn't seen for 6 weeks had a fallout. This fallout reveals my dark side which is destructive, I tend to have a plan or project and when things go...
Important news · 21. July 2018
We arrived yesterday shortly before 17 h at our planned destination Malmö instead of Helsingborg. The boat is fast at spot A4 in Dockan harbor see pictures below. The spot is right in front of the harbor master bureau.
Important news · 15. July 2018
Hans-Dieter, crew from first week, and I have had contact over the last week, because he had to cancel his family sailing week with me in 2 weeks. Carmen his wife has injured her foot and is advised to not go sailing with that injury. HD and his daughter therefore would like to cancel the week completely, none of them coming. This threw me completely off course and I don't know how to solve the gap. During our last talk, HD has offered though to either find a replacement or come to sail the...
Important news · 08. July 2018
Bad news first, we had problems starting the motor again. Suddenly as before there was no electricity to the starting panel to switch it on. We were just heading towards a natural harbor spot, when we couldn't start the motor. Luckily we could change course with sails and check for the problem and suddenly it switched on again. I have to confess, I was so certain I had fixed it with the exchange of the on / off switch last week with help of the harbor master in Björkö. Even when on Thursday...

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