Motor stopps again

Bad news first, we had problems starting the motor again. Suddenly as before there was no electricity to the starting panel to switch it on. 

We were just heading towards a natural harbor spot, when we couldn't start the motor. Luckily we could change course with sails and check for the problem and suddenly it switched on again. 

I have to confess, I was so certain I had fixed it with the exchange of the on / off switch last week with help of the harbor master in Björkö. Even when on Thursday it didn't turn on immediately with Linn I blamed it on me handling it wrong. But sadly today proves the problem is persistent. 

Johan and I here in Bovallstrand opened up everything again and checked for currency brakes. Nothing, everything seems to be ok.

But I can't continue with this insecurity, it needs to be fixed for good. 

So the next days will have to produce a solution for repair and also show how much time this requires. This will lead to delays! 

I'm so frustrated this is happening, it takes so much fun and enjoyment out of this project. 

My new crew Anna-Maria, Thanya and Johan were so supportive today, I felt so blessed!