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Sailing · 11. July 2018
As mentioned earlier, because of the reoccurring motor problems, I had managed to secure a spot for repair today. On the short 2 hour ride here this morning we managed to spot 3 seals in the calm waters, so cute.
Important news · 08. July 2018
Bad news first, we had problems starting the motor again. Suddenly as before there was no electricity to the starting panel to switch it on. We were just heading towards a natural harbor spot, when we couldn't start the motor. Luckily we could change course with sails and check for the problem and suddenly it switched on again. I have to confess, I was so certain I had fixed it with the exchange of the on / off switch last week with help of the harbor master in Björkö. Even when on Thursday...
01. July 2018
After getting gas in Björkö motor didn't start again. Harbor master and I are looking for the electricity break. We just took a cable to bridge the on/off button and the panel lights up. We have found the electricity break, yeah! Now just how do we rig it to work without correct spare parts?
Sailing · 20. June 2018
The repair guy Pär should be here any minute now. Other boats are also waiting to get into the lock. I found Gian's treasure collection, see next picture. Feathers, stones, bark boat, ropes etc.