Diverse · 26. August 2018
So Friday morning Hans the owner came so that he could check the damages I had reported during my trip. Also we wanted to lift the boat out of the water to see how me hitting stones and stuff had caused damage on the underside.
Diverse · 16. August 2018
Suddenly I had to shed some tears today. As already mentioned today the circle is complete rounding south of Sweden with the boat. I still have more than one week left to get the boat back to its home harbor Bullandö. But from here i know the area and from Saturday on I have experienced sailors with me on the boat, additionally Martin my boyfriend comes on Sunday. So why shedding tears? This journey has brought me to my limits a few times, has had me stressed and even sleepless a few times,...
Diverse · 02. August 2018
I've given myself 2 nights in a small hotel here in Karlskrona to really take a break from being on the boat. My mum, who wanted to come on Monday for my birthday came yesterday to visit me. I enjoyed having her to myself and we had lunch at the same place as for my birthday lunch. Afterwards we picked up the legendary Princess cake and had a piece as a late birthday thingy. We had good talks and she encouraged me for the rest of my sailing trip. She said what I'm doing is really astonishing...