Sailing · 26. August 2018
Now I'm in the bus towards Stockholm and will sleep the last night in Sweden at my cousin Anna-Maria.
Diverse · 26. August 2018
So Friday morning Hans the owner came so that he could check the damages I had reported during my trip. Also we wanted to lift the boat out of the water to see how me hitting stones and stuff had caused damage on the underside.
Sailing · 24. August 2018
So today my adventure on the water sailing is complete, boat is as yesterday back at its spot in Bullandö. Thanks Ulrike and Antonio for accompanying me this whole last week. Martin thanks for joining, even if it was only from Sunday evening till this morning. I fly back to Switzerland Monday evening one week shorter than originally planned, thanks to Sarah and her friends that let me cancel on them. I'm so grateful and happy I managed and I now just want to return home! More about the rest of...
23. August 2018
I've just invited and drunk the drinks to celebrate, that I made it back to Bullandö, the home harbor of the boat Sofia II. We had a great day sailing going a bit round about before arriving here. I'm so grateful and happy to be here safe.
Sailing · 22. August 2018
After the downpour two days ago, we have managed to sail to Utö first and then today to Smådalarö. Both days good wind for where we wanted to end up. Today we started in sunshine and now it's overcast and wind has turned very gusty.
Sailing · 20. August 2018
Finally Martin arrived in Trosa to join us at 20h yesterday evening. We went eating at one of the restaurants near the harbor Fiskens and were treated really well. As a treat Martin picked up the bill for all of us Thanks sweetheart!
Sailing · 19. August 2018
Yesterday after a great breakfast at family Björks yellow house, crew change was taking place. Ulrike, Antonio and I left Stora Uttervik's bathing pier shortly before lunch after the security briefing. We sailed in sunshine but with shifting winds for almost 4 hours just off and on needing to motor. We reached Aspöfladen for anchoring towards rocks around 17h. The weather predictions for the night was slightly shifting wind and rain.
Sailing · 18. August 2018
So we finally made it to Uttervik for the crayfish party with Camilla and her family. Camilla and I met school year 1987/88 when we both were exchange students in Idaho, USA. Since then we've been friends! So coming to Camilla with family is like coming home for me. We had sought shelter for the thunderstorms in Nävekvarn and got a rain break motoring to the get fast at the bathing pier in Uttervik. Our maneuver went well and just when tying fast the rain broke loose again. When is got...
Sailing · 17. August 2018
Today we started with breakfast in the sun, then cleaning the boat and off we were around 11h. Predictions told us thunderstorms would come around 16h and until then wind would increase. Well this came earlier. We headed for Stora Uttervik first were if possible we would have fastened the boat at the bathing pier, but the wind and direction made that impossible. So we sought shelter in the nearby harbor Nävekvarn. We got here just before the thunder hit with heavy rain. Now we are ready to try...
Diverse · 16. August 2018
Suddenly I had to shed some tears today. As already mentioned today the circle is complete rounding south of Sweden with the boat. I still have more than one week left to get the boat back to its home harbor Bullandö. But from here i know the area and from Saturday on I have experienced sailors with me on the boat, additionally Martin my boyfriend comes on Sunday. So why shedding tears? This journey has brought me to my limits a few times, has had me stressed and even sleepless a few times,...

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