Bullandö, I did it!

I've just invited and drunk the drinks to celebrate, that I made it back to Bullandö, the home harbor of the boat Sofia II. 

We had a great day sailing going a bit round about before arriving here. 

I'm so grateful and happy to be here safe. 

One little anecdote, we had to save Antonio's cap that fell in the water today. This "man over board" maneuver went excellent. We had the cap back on the boat after just 5 minutes. 

For me this was a repeat maneuver, I had done it before with my crew Antje, Dirk and Anna. That time it was Dirk's cap that landed in the water and we needed 2 or was it even 3 tries to pick it out of the water. 

Both times cap was retrieved and handed to the owner for better safekeeping! 

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