Infos for planning the sailing trip

Tips for Stockholm

Hotels or accommodations that are nice:

Nice or cool places to go to and eat:

  • Nystekt Stromming is a legendary stand serving fried herrings on top of Slussen the traffic miracle of Stockholm, that now is being rebuild / renovated.
  • Restaurang Prinsen on Mästersamulesgatan, where I lived above in a flat on the second floor until I was 8 years old, is a very good restaurant which combines fine Parisienne cuisine and wine with Swedish local touch. Be sure to make a reservation for the evening otherwise you will have to wait long.
  • Restaurang Moderna Museet is at the modern art museum of Stockholm and only open at lunch, but with a beautiful view of the water and Vasa Museet across - a must cultural site to see!
  • Restaurang fotografiska museet is the photo museum close to Slussen and where all the ferries leave for Finnland. It also has an excellent restaurant at the top with a nice view of Stockholm and the water. I have loved every exhibition I have seen there.

Knots that are good to know

These are the most common knots we will use on the boat and here you can prcatice in advance:

Swedish customs that are good to know

Wooden butter knife belongs to the butter jar or butter and goes back with the butter into the refrigerator. Don't offend by taking it for yourself and leaving it on your plate as it is custom in Germany, Switzerland and many other places in the world.

Program on traveling through Göta Kanal

Friends of mine in Sweden gave me the tip about this series traveling through Göta Kanal- Great Canal Journeys!

Here you can see what expects you in June 2018.

Videos below are on how the Swedes tick and celebrate

This one show a about how you need to stand in line and how everybody is equal even the prime minister needs to put his coffee cup in the dishwasher...

This video explains a bit about all the celebrations. The swedes eat sill and potatoes accompanied with a schnapps which always needs a song.
Additionally it mentions the European yearly song contest that probably in Sweden draws more people in front of the TV than any other sports. It could be because ABBA and other famous artists started their career with this event.

This depicts a very beautiful traditional midsommar setting with singing schnapps songs, but unfortunately the host is a bit too controlling - Swedish comedy! 

And almost the same for crayfish / kräftskiva party also with schnapps songs

There are even schnapps song apps that can be downloaded via Google Play, just enter "Snaps visor"

Good cause to support

4Ocean clean the ocean from plastic and other trash.