Application to sail along

You can only come along, if you are family, my friend or an acquaintance, since I want to make sure the chemistry on the boat works. I would make an exception, if one of my friends recommends you and you join with him or her. In that case I would appreciate a short motivational letter from you and some words about yourself, so I get to know you beforehand.

Mail to Sofia

You can apply for certain weeks to come along, but I will have the last word who sails together to make sure the chemistry works. I aim to have my friends / family that don't know each other before sailing meet and get to know each other on the boat and through sailing together.



Each week we will share the costs for food, diesel, harbor fees equally among each. During the CW  24, 25 and 26 in June additional canal fees will be shared, they include the harbors in the canal though.

If we do cook on the boat most the time 250 € a week per person works out, going out for dinner and drinking alcohol can be pricey in Sweden though so then this sum has to be topped up. Each crew will discuss theses topics before the trip, that not one is forced to live over his or her budget. Certainly sometimes an area does not allow to go for drinks or dinner either!

Since the boat costs to charter each week, I will ask you to chip in for this.
I have decided  that 350 € per person/ per week will cover my costs for charter on average and if someone wants one of the 3 cabins all to them self that would be 700 €.
2014 we only were 5 for 2 nights on the boat when Martin stayed a bit longer and otherwise between 2-4 sailors. As an exception, we could be up to 7 people on the boat, but then I think a rebate is called for, because this becomes crowded. 
If we end up being 7, I as skipper will sleep in the saloon on the sofa. I will only allow this, if I think we can get along and probably at least half the crew should then have sailed with each other before.


This is how the applications have dropped in so far:
Who's where each week summer 2018


In June at midsommer or in August at kräftskiva at Camillas place, we might consider to crowd everybody in if the next crew comes one day early to join in on the party, which I would recommend. Camilla will have room in her summer house for some to sleep also.
For midsommar the plan is now to do it at Läckö slott , Vänern which has a camping site just next to the harbor, so the coming crew for Saturday CW26 should defiantly arrive Friday 22nd latest lunch time to not miss this spectacular Swedish celebration that starts with lunch and Schnapps and a lot of Schnapps songs. See also the videos under Facts & Links.


Those already green on the list below will get an official application from me from February on with payment details and the exact conditions to sail along. After you then have payed in based on this, you can book your flights and other stuff, because then you come along on this great adventure!


Table of costs for sailing per week

What  Costs per week / person
Bordkasse  (cruising kitty) for running costs: food, alcohol, harbor fees, restaurants, diesel  ~250€ (~300 CHF)
One bed in a cabin with double bed (expect to share the cabin) 350€ (~420 CHF)
A whole cabin (3 on the boat) with double bed  700€ (~840 CHF)
Canal fees including harbor fees for whole boat would be payed out of Bordkasse (cruising kitty)

Whole Göta kanal (CW24 & CW25): 
4785SEK ~580 CHF (~82 CHF per night) 

Trolhätta kanal (CW26):
1000SEK  ~122CHF (~61CHF per night)

Flight & travel to / from harbors of start and end of sailing week

Everybody covers this on their own. Sofia will help to find the best way of transportation as well as closest airport, if necessary.


Booking to date Mai 2nd, 2018