Friday check of boat

So Friday morning Hans the owner came so that he could check the damages I had reported during my trip. Also we wanted to lift the boat out of the water to see how me hitting stones and stuff had caused damage on the underside. 

So the list of damage is:

- bent front ladder; Lilla Bommen, 1. July 2018

- hit rocks in natural harbor, Brandskär; 3. July 2018

- bent post port side; Vrångö, 12. July 2018

- loosened and handle in saloon some time July 

- hit stone at entrance to natural harbor at 3 kn with keel, Solbergnäset; 8. Aug 2018

But it seems except bent and loosened stuff only the hitting stones in July has left a scratch in the front that Hans said is easily repaired. 

The keel took the hit of 3 kn without a sign of damage. 

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