Heat - Mum visits - Hotel

I've given myself 2 nights in a small hotel here in Karlskrona to really take a break from being on the boat. 

My mum, who wanted to come on Monday for my birthday came yesterday to visit me. I enjoyed having her to myself and we had lunch at the same place as for my birthday lunch. 

Afterwards we picked up the legendary Princess cake and had a piece as a late birthday thingy. 

We had good talks and she encouraged me for the rest of my sailing trip. She said what I'm doing is really astonishing and I should be proud. 

Thanks mum!

What we both hardly can bear and most Swedes are also suffering under is the heat. Temperatures are now for weeks in the 30° and it hardly cools down at night. 

Also there has been remarkably little rain, even if July usually has most rain of the summer months. The drought and heat leaves no grass alive and every lawn or even fields have turned yellow. Many trees are drying or have died and hardy any insects are in the air.

Temperatures feels more like being in the Mediterranean, even the water hits 25° which I've never experienced in my lifetime. 

2014 I thought was hot but this is even hotter and news says it's been 3-5° over average for July and the hottest since temperatures have been measured over the last 260 years!

Next week hopefully temperatures will lower a bit. Everyone is hoping and hoping for rain! 

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    Colleen Csavas (Sunday, 05 August 2018 22:47)

    Your Mum sounds like a lovely lady and that cake looks delicious! I hope you get some cooler weather soon, but the water temperature is nice :-)