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Sailing · 07. August 2018
Hans was exceptionally fast getting his other Genoa to us. He put it on the Express bus from Stockholm this morning and we picked it up at 14.10h. Now we have it up and back to sailing heading to Bornholm on Öland.
Important news · 06. August 2018
My crew was amazing, we got the Genoa down quickly and organized a cart to take it to the sailmaker. Arriving at the sailmaker and looking at the sail the condition of the sail was a lot more severely damaged than we thought. His recommendation was not to repair it and if it would take him a day and not worthwhile. So what I did there was calling Hans up, the owner of Sofia II and having him talking directly with the sailmaker. The latest news now is Hans has a spare sail, but we don't know how...
Sailing · 06. August 2018
We've just arrived in Kalmar harbor. The sailmaker here got back to me and said he could repair the Genoa until tomorrow morning!
Sailing · 12. July 2018
Waking up I had the idea to try to change the appointment for the sail repair from Friday noon to this morning. So during breakfast I called the sail maker and he agreed.
Sailing · 11. July 2018
As mentioned earlier, because of the reoccurring motor problems, I had managed to secure a spot for repair today. On the short 2 hour ride here this morning we managed to spot 3 seals in the calm waters, so cute.
Important news · 08. July 2018
Bad news first, we had problems starting the motor again. Suddenly as before there was no electricity to the starting panel to switch it on. We were just heading towards a natural harbor spot, when we couldn't start the motor. Luckily we could change course with sails and check for the problem and suddenly it switched on again. I have to confess, I was so certain I had fixed it with the exchange of the on / off switch last week with help of the harbor master in Björkö. Even when on Thursday...
29. June 2018
Just when Fredrik was getting the hang of rowing, this broke. Linn tries tomorrow to get a spare. But these unexpected things take time to replace and find the right shop or person to turn to for help.
Sailing · 20. June 2018
Electrician / boat mechanic came to same conclusion as I had suspected. The contacts to the instrument board were corroded needed cleaning. Getting access was the hardest part. He even had to unscrew an acess door in my bunk. Now we are waiting to get into the lock. Back on our way towards Sjötorp!
Sailing · 20. June 2018
The repair guy Pär should be here any minute now. Other boats are also waiting to get into the lock. I found Gian's treasure collection, see next picture. Feathers, stones, bark boat, ropes etc.
Important news · 19. June 2018
More delays, so SORRY! What a day today! Right now we are docked longside before the first double lock in Hajstorp on our way to Sjötorp in the Vänern lake. We did the first lock and then the motor didn't start for no apparent reason. The instrument board, didn't show any lights. My first thought was, they are faint and I can't see them so just try again to press the on/off button, then press the motor start button. But nothing happened. Since we had just done our first downward lock of a...