Another adaptation necessary

Hans-Dieter, crew from first week, and I have had contact over the last week, because he had to cancel his family sailing week with me in 2 weeks. Carmen his wife has injured her foot and is advised to not go sailing with that injury. HD and his daughter therefore would like to cancel the week completely, none of them coming. 

This threw me completely off course and I don't know how to solve the gap. 

During our last talk, HD has offered though to either find a replacement or come to sail the direct distance between Simrishamn and Karlskrona, which might be doable in 2 very long days. 

But until I can solve it, my current crew and I have decided to go further than planned and end up in Malmö further south than originally planned Helsingborg.

This way my birthday week perhaps needs less distance than originally planned and if I find someone to jump in, they don't need a whole week of sailing. 

So next crew change is planned for Dockan Malmö city harbor. 

Stay posted to see if we make it! 

Also happy, if you know someone that would sail with me that week either completely or partly: Saturday 28th July to 4th of August. 

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