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Important news · 02. August 2018
Dear next crew, you will find Sofia II docked here at this pier closest to the yellow service house and the clubhouse. I think it is 6th or 7th spot counted from the water harbor entrance away. Look at the attached picture below trying to give you enough clues. It's about 3km away from the train station, so grabbing a taxi could be good. Ask for Karlskrona Segelsällskapets harbor on Dragsö.
23. July 2018
Friday morning on the island Ven we took slowly, since the spot in Malmö was reserved. Martin found a Fisher that just came in with his days catch and we bought 5 "flundras" for dinner, that Msrtin prepared successively later in the harbor. Simple and delicious! On our way to Malmö we wanted to stop at the harbor Lomma north of Malmö for getting diesel. The harbor guard called me back just before we entered the harbor and it turned out the pump was broken. So without entering we headed for...
Sailing · 15. July 2018
Yesterday in the city harbor of Gothenburg Lilla Bommen was a strange day somehow. I had Anna-Maria and Johan leaving, my sweetheart Martin arriving in the middle of the night, Margaret and Daniel arriving in the morning and Linn from the previous week popping in, since she lives in Gothenburg. So after cleaning the boat we all had coffee together.
Important news · 15. July 2018
Hans-Dieter, crew from first week, and I have had contact over the last week, because he had to cancel his family sailing week with me in 2 weeks. Carmen his wife has injured her foot and is advised to not go sailing with that injury. HD and his daughter therefore would like to cancel the week completely, none of them coming. This threw me completely off course and I don't know how to solve the gap. During our last talk, HD has offered though to either find a replacement or come to sail the...
Sailing · 07. July 2018
So today started with spot change in the harbor as already reported, then cleaning of the boat. Malin, Linn's flatmate came to pick her up and we had arranged, her to take Thanya, who joins this week along. Thanks Malin for making such an effort and picking Thanya up at the hotel in Gothenburg on your way here. The two from Gothenburg arrived before Linn and I had completely finished cleaning, so Thanya jumped in to speed things up. At 11 o'clock was then parting time after a great week...
Sailing · 06. July 2018
Grebbestad is originally a fishing town, also home of the known fish tin factory that my anchovies are from, when I make Jahnsonns frestelse. Linn and I had expected to get at least a bit more than an hour sailing, this morning, but the wind was either non existent or against where we wanted to go. So we ended up motoring through a beautiful island landscape before arriving before 12 o'clock here in Grebbestad.
Important news · 05. July 2018
I have now told my upcoming crew to meet me in Grebbestad and have secured one overnight reservation from Friday to Saturday. Thinking the marina is quite big, I was sure to be able to secure a spot for Saturday till Sunday when there. Well, I just learned that this weekend will be the legendary carnevale of Grebbestad weekend. The Norwegian harbor master I talked to anyway gave me hope to be able to find me a spot for Saturday till Sunday. So please keep all fingers crossed for us. I need your...
04. July 2018
Because of the delay caused in Göta kanal as well as other incidents and difficulties, I've changed the final harbor of this week from Strömstad to Grebbestad, which is further south and closer to reach. My next passengers, my dear friend Thanya and my cousin Anna-Maria with her boyfriend Johan are informed and will with some effort manage to get there. Thanks for your support and understanding!
Sailing · 16. June 2018
Today is crew change and the morning we spent first relocating the boat closer to power as well as the toilets. I actually woke up at 7 o'clock and thought before everyone is up, I'll sneak over and throw in a load of wash. So I got my bed stuff to wash and other dirty stuff and, placed my sleeping bag to air out on deck and left for the washing room. About 5 minutes later I had started the wash and came out to pouring rain. So I dashed back to save my sleeping bag, luckily Morten had noticed...
Sailing · 15. June 2018
I was worried we wouldn't make it to Motala today. Over the last 2 days I rearranged both my mum and Nila with Gian to join me in Motala rather than Vadstena as planned. Today we managed to leave Göta kanal around 15h in Motala and then we got diesel and emptied the toilet. We were finally docked across the Göta kanalbolagts yellow building at 16h. We didn't head on to Vadstena anymore. Motala turns out to host the Vättern Rundan tomorrow a bike race around the complete lake which is about 4...