New crew arrives, Linn leaves

Malin (left) picked up Linn (middle) and brought Thanya
Malin (left) picked up Linn (middle) and brought Thanya

So today started with spot change in the harbor as already reported, then cleaning of the boat. 

Malin, Linn's flatmate came to pick her up and we had arranged, her to take Thanya, who joins this week along.  Thanks Malin for making such an effort and picking Thanya up at the hotel in Gothenburg on your way here. 

The two from Gothenburg arrived before Linn

and I had completely finished cleaning, so Thanya jumped in to speed things up. 

At 11 o'clock was then parting time after a great week together with sailing, great maneuvers and talks. 

Linn, just so you know it, I admire you bunches! 

My dear friend Thanya from Switzerland had taken on the challenge without speaking English to make her way to me and managed supremely!  Congratulations, especially to your courage. 

We spent the afternoon getting settled, having cappuccino and swedish waffles and getting the last grocery for next week and catching up. Felt good to have such a good friend around! 

Shortly after 15h to my surprise, because I expected them to come around 15.30 o'clock, my dear cousin Anna-Maria with Johan her boyfriend arrived. They also had managed to change their travel plans from Strömstad to Grebbestad, awesome! 

Johan and Anna-Maria had visited me in Lucerne in January, all of us liking each others company. 

So this week I'm surrounded by dear friends and family, which feels good. 

Swedish soccer fewer, all in yellow
Swedish soccer fewer, all in yellow

Here at the harbor everyone appeared in yellow to cheer on their team against England. We were for the Swedes, but a bit happy they didn't win for our sleeps sake. The harbor with all the bars and restaurants, would have ended up being the party place of Grebbestad. 

Even harbor bathroom was completely taken over by young women getting styled for the event. 

So much makeup in one place
So much makeup in one place

After dinner on the boat and swimming, while everyone was watching soccer, we are getting settled. 

Tomorrow we head south!

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    Colleen Csavas (Sunday, 08 July 2018 23:58)

    Sorry Sweden missed out, but they did well to go as far as they did!