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Sailing · 07. July 2018
So today started with spot change in the harbor as already reported, then cleaning of the boat. Malin, Linn's flatmate came to pick her up and we had arranged, her to take Thanya, who joins this week along. Thanks Malin for making such an effort and picking Thanya up at the hotel in Gothenburg on your way here. The two from Gothenburg arrived before Linn and I had completely finished cleaning, so Thanya jumped in to speed things up. At 11 o'clock was then parting time after a great week...
Important news · 07. July 2018
Going to the toilet and checking if there was a free spot already payed out. Just when we were starting to cook coffee, we changed plans and 20 minutes later we are smoothly safe and fast at our new spot! So now we are ready for cleaning and the new crew! Yeah! Thanks for crossing fingers!
Important news · 05. July 2018
I have now told my upcoming crew to meet me in Grebbestad and have secured one overnight reservation from Friday to Saturday. Thinking the marina is quite big, I was sure to be able to secure a spot for Saturday till Sunday when there. Well, I just learned that this weekend will be the legendary carnevale of Grebbestad weekend. The Norwegian harbor master I talked to anyway gave me hope to be able to find me a spot for Saturday till Sunday. So please keep all fingers crossed for us. I need your...