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Sailing · 11. August 2018
My very supportive team Anna, Antje and Dirk left today, after we had a good day getting to Västervik yesterday and having dinner together for a last time. I will miss them and shed some tears, when they parted with the taxi. Half my new team Antje M. and Veronica were already in town yesterday and Christin and Alvar arrived shortly before lunch today. All of them came to the boat around noon and we quickly got situated as well as organized. I and Alvar stayed on the boat. Alvar tried to catch...
05. August 2018
My new crew of 3 arrived Friday evening after having proven themselves worthy to be on the boat. On their way from Copenhagen airport to Karlskrona the train tracks got bended due to the heat so suddenly at one station everyone had get off the train, accompanied by an uncertain announcement that buses would materialize for further transport. They all managed to get to me and showed up in a taxi at the harbor around 20h. First thing we all did go swimming after another hot day. I had prepared...
Important news · 02. August 2018
Dear next crew, you will find Sofia II docked here at this pier closest to the yellow service house and the clubhouse. I think it is 6th or 7th spot counted from the water harbor entrance away. Look at the attached picture below trying to give you enough clues. It's about 3km away from the train station, so grabbing a taxi could be good. Ask for Karlskrona Segelsällskapets harbor on Dragsö.
Sailing · 28. July 2018
Today after lunch Torsten left to catch his plane back to Germany tonight. My sister Lovisa also left after having been two nights on the boat boarding in Hällevik. Tomorrow Anna and I take the last leg to Karlskrona. More about the other last days later. Can only say they have been good and eventful.
23. July 2018
Friday morning on the island Ven we took slowly, since the spot in Malmö was reserved. Martin found a Fisher that just came in with his days catch and we bought 5 "flundras" for dinner, that Msrtin prepared successively later in the harbor. Simple and delicious! On our way to Malmö we wanted to stop at the harbor Lomma north of Malmö for getting diesel. The harbor guard called me back just before we entered the harbor and it turned out the pump was broken. So without entering we headed for...
Important news · 21. July 2018
We arrived yesterday shortly before 17 h at our planned destination Malmö instead of Helsingborg. The boat is fast at spot A4 in Dockan harbor see pictures below. The spot is right in front of the harbor master bureau.
Sailing · 15. July 2018
Yesterday in the city harbor of Gothenburg Lilla Bommen was a strange day somehow. I had Anna-Maria and Johan leaving, my sweetheart Martin arriving in the middle of the night, Margaret and Daniel arriving in the morning and Linn from the previous week popping in, since she lives in Gothenburg. So after cleaning the boat we all had coffee together.
Important news · 15. July 2018
Hans-Dieter, crew from first week, and I have had contact over the last week, because he had to cancel his family sailing week with me in 2 weeks. Carmen his wife has injured her foot and is advised to not go sailing with that injury. HD and his daughter therefore would like to cancel the week completely, none of them coming. This threw me completely off course and I don't know how to solve the gap. During our last talk, HD has offered though to either find a replacement or come to sail the...
08. July 2018
We set out today to stay at the same beautiful natural harbor spot as I had with Linn. After an awesome sailing day we arrived there and the spot had 4 boats parked there with no good space for us to cram in too. Quickly we decided to go to Bovallstrand instead. This turned out to be a good choice. We all liked it immediately.
Sailing · 07. July 2018
So today started with spot change in the harbor as already reported, then cleaning of the boat. Malin, Linn's flatmate came to pick her up and we had arranged, her to take Thanya, who joins this week along. Thanks Malin for making such an effort and picking Thanya up at the hotel in Gothenburg on your way here. The two from Gothenburg arrived before Linn and I had completely finished cleaning, so Thanya jumped in to speed things up. At 11 o'clock was then parting time after a great week...

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