Vrångö again and yesterday farewell

Yesterday in the city harbor of Gothenburg Lilla Bommen was a strange day somehow. 

I had Anna-Maria and Johan leaving, my sweetheart Martin arriving in the middle of the night, Margaret and Daniel arriving in the morning and Linn from the previous week popping in, since she lives in Gothenburg. So after cleaning the boat we all had coffee together. 

The only unfortunate thing about yesterday was that we again had loud music, this time across Göta älv a concert was ongoing till midnight. 

But therefore we didn't go to far today and are enjoying Vrångö again. 

One little anecdote, since I have had phone contact with the harbor master Anders here in Vrångö and it turns out his sister lives in Wettikon, Switzerland, he brought me a newspaper clipping telling Swedes how to behave in Switzerland. 

Very sweet of him! 

Paper clip
Paper clip

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