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Sailing · 15. July 2018
Yesterday in the city harbor of Gothenburg Lilla Bommen was a strange day somehow. I had Anna-Maria and Johan leaving, my sweetheart Martin arriving in the middle of the night, Margaret and Daniel arriving in the morning and Linn from the previous week popping in, since she lives in Gothenburg. So after cleaning the boat we all had coffee together.
13. July 2018
Tonight my sweetheart Martin arrives around 1 at night here at the robbery harbor Lilla Bommen. From then on I will feel safer here. Luckily we have a better spot this time at the end of the pier A8 instead of A1 that was so easily accessible by strangers. Docking here was challenging today, we had winds against us and the harbor is very narrow, additionally you have ferries leaving and coming. My first attempt I had to abort, second approach a ferry got in between. Then I started again and...
Important news · 01. July 2018
We've been robbed here at the harbor Lilla Bommen. I woke up to a young man standing in my cabin that told me had only slept on the boat. I grabbed on to his hands and quickly looked for my valuables next to me in my cabin all still there. The young lad jumped off the boat to another guy on shore who had a full shopping bag out of fabric. I checked next to the card table and found my iPad gone and my cool orange binoculars with compass. We're safe and have called police.