Recap of last days

Friday morning on the island Ven we took slowly, since the spot in Malmö was reserved. 

Martin found a Fisher that just came in with his days catch and we bought 5 "flundras" for dinner, that Msrtin prepared successively later in the harbor.  Simple and delicious! 

On our way to Malmö we wanted to stop at the harbor Lomma north of Malmö for getting diesel. The harbor guard called me back just before we entered the harbor and it turned out the pump was broken. 

So without entering we headed for Malmö Dockan setting sails for the last time with this crew. 

We got about one hour good sailing out of that.

At Dockan both our manoeuvrs toilet pump pier and docking between pollers went smoothly. 

Martin was a champ getting a gas canister at a nearby gas station and topping up on rice and milk, while Daniel, Margret and Thanya checked out how to get their travel tickets for Copenhagen. 

Saturday sstarted with a great cleaning crew that Thanya took charge of and Martin on deck made everything shine. I managed to get 2 loads of wash done in the meantime. 

That work finished everyone showered, Thanya, Margaret and Daniel took their bags and we all headed toward the train station. 

Here we met up with my new crew member Torsten and all enjoyed a coffee together, before the good bye! 

Now it was just Torsten, Martin and me for one more night. Martin would leave before we would head out to Skanör the next morning and get my second crew member Anna B. 

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    Colleen Csavas (Monday, 30 July 2018 00:42)

    Nice to see Thorsten's smiling face :-)