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Sailing · 25. July 2018
Today started with leaving Kåseberga at 9 o'clock to free the boat of our friendly neighbors that we were tied to. Hardly any wind was there when we left the harbor and a clear blue sky awaited us. So under motor Anna and I exercised with the Terraband until Anna split it in half with her forceful pulling.
Sailing · 24. July 2018
Just up the hill above the small harbor in Kåseberga you can visit and see a stone collection in a form of a ship. It turns out this is a solar calendar from the bronze age the sign say. Really impressive!
Sailing · 24. July 2018
Yesterday leaving Skanör to go south around the sand dunes, I thought I had rounded my most southern part of my journey. But shortly after leaving Grislövs läge harbor today having set sails, we passed Smygehamn. Anna pointed out this is the most southern part of Sweden, so we did it today not yesterday as I thought.
23. July 2018
Friday morning on the island Ven we took slowly, since the spot in Malmö was reserved. Martin found a Fisher that just came in with his days catch and we bought 5 "flundras" for dinner, that Msrtin prepared successively later in the harbor. Simple and delicious! On our way to Malmö we wanted to stop at the harbor Lomma north of Malmö for getting diesel. The harbor guard called me back just before we entered the harbor and it turned out the pump was broken. So without entering we headed for...
Important news · 21. July 2018
We arrived yesterday shortly before 17 h at our planned destination Malmö instead of Helsingborg. The boat is fast at spot A4 in Dockan harbor see pictures below. The spot is right in front of the harbor master bureau.
Sailing · 19. July 2018
What a day we had today. It didn't start to well, most of us hadn't slept well and additionally I had asked to leave around 8 o'clock. We expected a long 37 sm ride up to 7 hours on the water. First challenge was getting 2 other boats loosened that were tied up on top of us in the narrow harbor of Torekov. We had warned them yesterday and it worked out. After a manoeuvr from me that was just centimeters from going wrong, we got out and set sails. Wind was noth west and we sailed south west with...