Arrived in Motala

All safe in Motala
All safe in Motala
All safe in Motala
All safe in Motala

I was worried we wouldn't make it to Motala today. Over the last 2 days I rearranged both my mum and Nila with Gian to join me in Motala rather than Vadstena as planned. 

Today we managed to leave Göta kanal around 15h in Motala and then we got diesel and emptied the toilet. We were finally docked across the Göta kanalbolagts yellow building at 16h.

We didn't head on to Vadstena anymore. 

Motala turns out to host the Vättern Rundan tomorrow a bike race around the complete lake which is about 4 times the size of the lake of Constance ( Bodensee).

So the complete town is full of bicycles and their owners. 

We did another staircase lock today but nothing compared to yesterday's staircase followed by double locks. 

I was so exhausted yesterday and my crew also after being up since 7 and then working hard also partly in the heat for almost 10h straight. What an accomplishment and that during your holiday. 

We were so experienced by now as a team getting into a lock fastening everything and settling behind our partners in Whilma, Aero and Lena, that today was more relaxing. You see Wilma ahead of us in many pictures below. 

So what about our sailing acquaintance Wilma? Well, we were both the first evening in Mem together and then we ended up in Norsholm at the same pier and that's when they invited me to a gin tonic. 

The next day we ended up being in the locks together always behind Wilma except the first one in Norsholm. When we waited for one lock to open yesterday Aero ( might be spelled differently, but is pronounced like aerodynamics) invited us to come over to his boat after showing that evening, when we would stay in the same small harbor. 

We didn't manage till after dinner and enjoyed drinking their wine and ours on their boat with nice fresh strawberries. 

We are all very impressed in how great of a condition the boat is. 

Lena, Christine, Aero and I were the chattiest. We had a lovely evening together, even if we all were very tired after so many locks.

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