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Sailing · 16. June 2018
Today is crew change and the morning we spent first relocating the boat closer to power as well as the toilets. I actually woke up at 7 o'clock and thought before everyone is up, I'll sneak over and throw in a load of wash. So I got my bed stuff to wash and other dirty stuff and, placed my sleeping bag to air out on deck and left for the washing room. About 5 minutes later I had started the wash and came out to pouring rain. So I dashed back to save my sleeping bag, luckily Morten had noticed...
15. June 2018
The boat is now fast across from Göta kanalbolagts yellow building. I will be there most of tomorrow until my mother arrives and later Nila and Gian. If I'm not on the boat you'll find a note on the entrance door. Tomorrow I need to grocery shop and also do my wash.
Sailing · 15. June 2018
I was worried we wouldn't make it to Motala today. Over the last 2 days I rearranged both my mum and Nila with Gian to join me in Motala rather than Vadstena as planned. Today we managed to leave Göta kanal around 15h in Motala and then we got diesel and emptied the toilet. We were finally docked across the Göta kanalbolagts yellow building at 16h. We didn't head on to Vadstena anymore. Motala turns out to host the Vättern Rundan tomorrow a bike race around the complete lake which is about 4...