First adventures day on water

So our first day on the water started with light winds and sunshine. Just to get as much out of the day, we decided to take a longer loop before heading south. So the idea was to have a quick stop for coffee in Sandhamn on the way. Around 13.30 h we arrived in the harbor with a lot of space to dock but unfortunately with wind from the side. 

My sister's know what conditions I'm talking about, the same as when we left Sandhamn 4 years ago with the mishap and the good locking young lads on the neighbor boat. 

Well HD and I discussed the maneuver in detail beforehand, because with a mooring line you need to be careful it doesn't get caught or wound up in your propeller. 

Well to make it short 30 minutes later we had circled the boat with the harbor masters help clock wise and counter clockwise a couple of times to get the mooring line off our keel. 

We still have not figured out how we caught the mooring when needing to redo the maneuver. Luckily the harbor had its helper immediately at our side with a dinghy and another girl pulling on the mooring from the pier. 

Luckily it was solvable and didn't end up in the propeller. 

After this we docked correctly and finally had our cappuccino. 

In the evening we also had to manage changing plans, by first checking out a wonderful natural harbor getting ready to throw the anchor, but then realizing t

... the boat just hit shore here because the wind changed again. Needed to be pulled back from land a bit. 

Well back to the story above. We saw a big thunderstorm cloud building up and rain coming down. So I called our first natural harbor option off and we got raingear on and with the motor after an hour found our night spot. This time everything went smoothly and at 22h we finally ate our dinner. 

But this morning as just now the wind shifted and when I wanted to go for my morning wee, but then I caught that one of the metal fasteners had gotten loose, so that needed fixing. HD had checked just 30 minutes before and everything had been as during the night. 

So all in all an adventures first day and night!