14 locks today - now in Norsborg

What a day that ended with thunder and lightning. This weather condition didn't let us pass through to the lake Roxen, as we had planned. Well that's how the weather sometimes plays and you can't push your will and plans through, when you deal with nature. 

We are safely docked longside the pier in Norsholm, ready for a lock maneuver combined with 2 bridges tomorrow at 9 o'clock when it opens again. The nice Norsholm lock master even came to the pier to tell us he couldn't keep the promise, he had made to us via the previous lock master Jonathan due to the thunder that previously hadn't been so close. 

We had terrific help at every lock one young lady lock master accompanied us through 3 locks just when it started to rain. 

The most sporty one must have been Jonathan ( sorry didn't take a picture, was too busy keeping the boat safe from gusts coming from behind) the last lock master of today tending 2 locks about at least a kilometer apart. He saw us off at the first on after us crossing Asplånen lake and then passed us with his bicycle to welcome us at the second, which ended unexpectedly being the last of today. His 2 passions are sailing and cycling. It turned out he has cycled to Barcelona already. Usually Christin was the one finding things like this out at every lock interviewing our young lock masters.

What else happened? I lost my pink hat, after the rain I didn't secure it correctly and the first gust carried it away. So follow your own advice Sofia and secure your hat as you have listed on your packing list. 

We met the Finnish boat Wilma from Helsinki again that left before us from Mem this morning. The owners invited me to a gin tonic here in Norsholm at the pier onto their sailboat that is from 1982 and has been completely renovated. Impressive! 

We have a neighbor here that has a small yellow duck, one of those for the bathtub pulling it behind the boat. 

And after a rainy day your boom and other things become a clothes line.

Additionally I'm being spoiled by my crew that cooks and feeds me exceptionally well. 

Tomorrow we will head across the lake Roxen and climb up one of the impressive lock ladders. 

@Johnathan, if you want to come and visit in Lucerne Switzerland to go cycling with my boyfriend contact me. It was nice to meet you!