Midsommar has been a success

My mum left this morning after helping cleaning the boat. Nila, Gian and I scrubbed so many potatoes to prepare for our guests later that we were completely exhausted. We realized how much work it was scrubbing and missed my mum even more. 

Then we were off to Bäcken where the midsommar dance should take place. Gian, Nila and I were successful managing to get through all movement dances around the midsommar tree. After that none of us was cold anymore! 

Towards the end Lovisa spotted us so afterwards we reunited on the boat with our other friends from Kristanstad, Petter and Karina. 

So now back at the boat we had new crew Lovisa and Fredrik meet parting crew Nila and Gian, both mother and son. 

Karina had brought soooooo much food, we almost burst.

Gian managed to have 4 bowls of strawberries with cream! Amazing! 

Fredrik felt uncomfortable at first on the boat, but during the evening you could tell he started to arrive. It's a first for him too!

Even if I thought it was a bit cold to sit outside, I learned on midsommar you have to sit outside. So we packed up and even added layers during the evening. 

Towards the end, before Petter and Karina left for their summer house, we all did the dishes together at land in the service house. 

A packed day with cleaning, farewell and hallo as well as swedish traditions! 

Thanks all for making this such a wonderful memory! 

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