Energy level of myself

After being woken up and robbed yesterday morning and then in the afternoon the motor stopped again, I felt like I could not take it anymore.

Linn who is with me on the boat right now, is so great, she consoled me. I started thinking about shortening this week to less distance and not ending up in Strömstad at the end of the week.

I talked to me dear friend Thanya and my boyfriend Martin on the phone and went to be early yesterday. After a good nights rest and today a really good sailing day, things look brighter again.

I still am not sure, if pressing on to Strömstad will work of if I have to ask my cousin and her boyfriend to come else where and Thanya too. Well I have decided to take each day now as it comes and decide by my energy level. Otherwise it is not going to be good for anyone anymore.


I just here at the harbor of Mollöstad that we are at managed to repair the Blog on my web page, so  things get fixed, like sails, motors and energy levels. Just don't press it!