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Important news · 13. August 2018
Anna M. sent me this link showing how dry Sweden has become without rain for almost 3 months. It's visible from space! Swedens drought
Sailing · 26. June 2018
I don't have a picture, but will definitely try to get picture proof. Nila, who came with Gian (5 years old) last week on the boat, had friends in Switzerland giving her a hard time. They all thought that sailing with kids was extremely dangerous. I told Nila in Sweden kids are on boats even as toddlers. We saw some last week. But today here in Sikhall harbor, we just had one sailing boat arrive with suddenly 2 kids peeking out, when the boat was docked. Additionally the mother seems to be...
Planning · 28. October 2017
This is how it looks currently in my living room with charts to figure out distances on the floor for planning the sailing routes of next year.