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Sailing · 11. August 2018
My very supportive team Anna, Antje and Dirk left today, after we had a good day getting to Västervik yesterday and having dinner together for a last time. I will miss them and shed some tears, when they parted with the taxi. Half my new team Antje M. and Veronica were already in town yesterday and Christin and Alvar arrived shortly before lunch today. All of them came to the boat around noon and we quickly got situated as well as organized. I and Alvar stayed on the boat. Alvar tried to catch...
Important news · 08. August 2018
We might end up more north than planned this week. Which would be good, since next week's weather forecast is a bit unstable. So next crew Antje M. Veronica and Christin and Alvar you might meet me in Västervik instead of Oskarshamn. I will know for sure tonight!