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Sailing · 26. June 2018
Today we had a long leg to sail. But the wind gods were good with us. Since my passengers quickly get seasick, we had waves and wind from the back. We sailed at an average between 4=3 kn our distance of 23 sm and only about the last 80 minutes turned on the motor again, when the wind died. All day long we had sunshine and Lovisa and Fredrik got dressed to go for a dip after breakfast, but didn't. Now at our next stop a small harbor 8 sm north of Vänersborg, where the canal towards Gothenburg...
Sailing · 25. June 2018
We started the day with a tour of the castle which was very interesting. It has 248 rooms and they were all numbered. We found out that the lord only lived there during summer so all furniture had to be taken apart and taken away or set up every year. No wonder IKEA is swedish, if they mastered this around 1650!