Midsommar planning

Göta kanal is really slower than I anticipated to get through. Had I known through my research that it would have been better to have one more week here, I would have planned accordingly. 

We skipped one day I thought of sailing on Vättern to enter the canal earlier for the last stretch. This part now is really nice and invites a bit more than before the Roxen lake to linger and stay. 

Now it looks as if we need tomorrow completely in the canal and then half of Wednesday. My hope is to spend the night in Mariestad on Wednesday. 

But the leg to either Läckö slott or next harbor Spiken is 20 sm away, that's 5 hour trip and fairly long for Gian.

So perhaps we will not make it all the way across to Läckö or Spiken Thursday and have to do some sailing on Friday morning. 

Let's see what we come up with? 

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