Sjötorp, we finally arrived!

Extremely wet day
Extremely wet day

So after the electric motor dashboard check and repair, we got off into the lock in Hajstorp that we had done yesterday twice. Once downward and then backward up again. This time everything went smoothly, except as predicted it started raining just before 1 o'clock. 

But we were just content to be on our way again. 

So during our afternoon Nila and I were manning the locks and getting really good as a team doing it, while my mum helped with bringing food or cooking tea to keep us warm. Gian was happy to stay inside and play still in his pyjama top and we got quick visits from him off and on telling us what he was playing. 

After 3 hours steering and doing locks, I got worried about our morale to continue and didn't want to push it. So I suggested to stop for the night at the next harbor. But when we arrived there, Nila pointed out it is located between a big street and train tracks, so it would be loud. We discussed and decided to push on to Sjötorp. 

So after another almost 3 hours we were in Sjötorp, just 15 minutes short of the locks closing for the night. Yeah! 

Mum using the time wisely: scrapping potatos
Mum using the time wisely: scrapping potatos

My mum was endearing, immediately realizing that, when we finally would arrive, she today was in charge of feeding us. So she got started in the lock and in less than an hour after fastening the boat longside in Sjötorp dinner was ready. 

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