Hyppeln after 45 sm

Today we managed to sail 45 sm the absolute maximum I think I have done this summer in one day. Since we head for the motor repair place tomorrow in Långedrag, we needed to get close. 

We left Smögen shortly after 9, well prepared with lots of sandwiches and noodle salad that Thanya had prepared. This we wanted to have if our trip would take us 9h at 5 knots per hour. 

We ended up being lucky and had favorable winds that let us arrive at 16.35h instead of after 18h.

Since the auto pilot wasn't so good with the waves setting him off course, I did most of the steering, which was quite tiresome. 

Johan helped and was excellent at steering. 

This place is so much nicer than Smögen, even the facilities are better. 

We are enjoying ourselves here at this little island, just outside of Gothenburg that can be reached by ferry, even car ferry.