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Sailing · 18. July 2018
Today is halftime for me, so when we were fast in the harbor of Torekov after spending some time for bathing on Hallands Väderö we opened a bottle to celebrate. Sadly we all thought the bubbles was too sweet. This had been a welcome gift from Hans in June when taking over the boat.
Sailing · 18. July 2018
Last nights harbor was Skallkroken, that in my harbor book only offers 30 guest spots. We arrived early yesterday, because rain and thunderstorms were predicted for the afternoon. We docked perfectly, since we basically had no wind in a spot market 4,2 m wide. This information was greatly appreciated after our misjudgment in Varberg. We had been motoring all the way since the wind was just max 3 m/s and we wanted to be safe before the thunder and covered 37 sm. Now we had time to spare, so we...
Sailing · 17. July 2018
The title I just noticed got a swedish touch, hi, hi! Well yesterday we had a long sailing day leaving Vrångö just before 11 o'clock, because our favorable wind would start to set in and increase. I was a bit worried since some of the predictions talked about winds up to 12 m/s that it would become to much. But we were lucky and it topped around 8 m/s in the afternoon letting us sail butterfly party. So the increasing waves pushed us more and more getting us to Varberg for 37 sm in a bit over...
13. July 2018
Tonight my sweetheart Martin arrives around 1 at night here at the robbery harbor Lilla Bommen. From then on I will feel safer here. Luckily we have a better spot this time at the end of the pier A8 instead of A1 that was so easily accessible by strangers. Docking here was challenging today, we had winds against us and the harbor is very narrow, additionally you have ferries leaving and coming. My first attempt I had to abort, second approach a ferry got in between. Then I started again and...
Sailing · 12. July 2018
Waking up I had the idea to try to change the appointment for the sail repair from Friday noon to this morning. So during breakfast I called the sail maker and he agreed.
Sailing · 11. July 2018
As mentioned earlier, because of the reoccurring motor problems, I had managed to secure a spot for repair today. On the short 2 hour ride here this morning we managed to spot 3 seals in the calm waters, so cute.
Sailing · 10. July 2018
Today we managed to sail 45 sm the absolute maximum I think I have done this summer in one day. Since we head for the motor repair place tomorrow in Långedrag, we needed to get close. We left Smögen shortly after 9, well prepared with lots of sandwiches and noodle salad that Thanya had prepared. This we wanted to have if our trip would take us 9h at 5 knots per hour. We ended up being lucky and had favorable winds that let us arrive at 16.35h instead of after 18h. Since the auto pilot wasn't...
Sailing · 09. July 2018
The day started sunny and with calls for repair time for the motor. Via the same motor repair company as I had looking at the electrical problem of the motor in Göta kanal, I learned their representation is in the harbor Långedrag outside of Gothenburg. After explaining the problem the lady called me back and told me to come in Wednesday, then they could look at it. This means we set out tomorrow for about 45 sea miles up to 9h on the water to be there before lunch on Wednesday. Today though...
08. July 2018
We set out today to stay at the same beautiful natural harbor spot as I had with Linn. After an awesome sailing day we arrived there and the spot had 4 boats parked there with no good space for us to cram in too. Quickly we decided to go to Bovallstrand instead. This turned out to be a good choice. We all liked it immediately.
Sailing · 05. July 2018
Today started with overcast sky, which was refreshing after almost 2 weeks in a row of sunshine. We set out to go to the Väderöarna a bit further out towards the open sea. Getting there shortly after 12 o'clock we thought would secure us of one of the scarce spots in the canal called Strömsund. Well, we're wrong. The area was packed with boats and we decided to leave for an optional location just outside Fjällbacka, called Gluppö. Here we had more luck and are now svojing in the bay with...

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