Läst night harbor Varberg

The title I just noticed got a swedish touch, hi, hi!

Well yesterday we had a long sailing day leaving Vrångö just before 11 o'clock, because our favorable wind would start to set in and increase. 

I was a bit worried since some of the predictions talked about winds up to 12 m/s that it would become to much. But we were lucky and it topped around 8 m/s in the afternoon letting us sail butterfly party. So the increasing waves pushed us more and more getting us to Varberg for 37 sm in a bit over 7 hours. 

Then the harbor maneuver started, 3 tries was what it took. 

Well our first identified spot between "pollers" I missed at the first try, because I got confused about which boat was next to the spot, so we tried again. Now it turned out that we didn't fit between the "pollers", so find another spot. Now things sit go well,but we fit exactly between the "pollers" here. 

After arriving, we set out to explore the town hoping to find a restaurant to eat at. Sadly nothing seem to convince us either it was Pizza,Tappas or some other cuisine, but none had local dishes. So we passed and ate leftovers on the boat. 

Perhaps we have more luck today heading south under motor to be at the harbor before possible thunderstorms in the afternoon? 

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    An Gentz (Wednesday, 18 July 2018)

    Redan i Varberg! Förbi Göteborg, wow!
    Hur upplever du Hallandskusten jämfört med Bohuskusten?