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Sailing · 22. August 2018
After the downpour two days ago, we have managed to sail to Utö first and then today to Smådalarö. Both days good wind for where we wanted to end up. Today we started in sunshine and now it's overcast and wind has turned very gusty.
Sailing · 20. August 2018
Finally Martin arrived in Trosa to join us at 20h yesterday evening. We went eating at one of the restaurants near the harbor Fiskens and were treated really well. As a treat Martin picked up the bill for all of us Thanks sweetheart!
Sailing · 19. August 2018
Yesterday after a great breakfast at family Björks yellow house, crew change was taking place. Ulrike, Antonio and I left Stora Uttervik's bathing pier shortly before lunch after the security briefing. We sailed in sunshine but with shifting winds for almost 4 hours just off and on needing to motor. We reached Aspöfladen for anchoring towards rocks around 17h. The weather predictions for the night was slightly shifting wind and rain.
Sailing · 16. August 2018
When we fasted here at Arkösund harbor at 14.20 o'clock today I suddenly realized: Full circle around south of Sweden is complete! Second week of sailing, June 11th I was here with Christin, her brother Morten and her cousin Thomas. It's become the second last week and I'm here again with Christin. This time her son Alvar. Veronica and Antje are also with us on the boat. Wow! This really is an accomplishment, I'm proud!
Sailing · 15. August 2018
Today rain stopped and we went to Harstena a beautiful island here with a small group of houses and a mini grocery shop, bakery and a restaurant. We placed the boat in a sheltered bay and went for a walk to find everything. On the way here Alvar performed superbly steering again, this time motoring in narrow passages between islands.
Sailing · 14. August 2018
Today sleeping in the natural harbor we were woken by raindrops hitting the boat at 4 in the morning. All morning it continued to rain off and on. Predictions had been rain from 13h on, that's why I had ordered my crew to leave at 9 o'clock. Plan was to get to Fyrudden's harbor before the big rain hits that also compromises visibility tremendously. We first enjoyed a great breakfast with baked up buns and then were ready to leave at 9, but just then a pour again. So we left 30 minutes later...
Sailing · 13. August 2018
So yesterday we only got 3 sm far from one Västervik harbor to another one called the resort. It was connected to a huge camping ground. We discovered a nice walk with small bridges over some islands just next to the ground. Well getting there wasn't to hard, even some sail practice we managed to fit in in the short distance. But I out of security had decided to wait until today to start a longer leg due to the Kuling warning, gust of up to 18 m/s and normal wind 6 m/s. With such an...
Sailing · 11. August 2018
My very supportive team Anna, Antje and Dirk left today, after we had a good day getting to Västervik yesterday and having dinner together for a last time. I will miss them and shed some tears, when they parted with the taxi. Half my new team Antje M. and Veronica were already in town yesterday and Christin and Alvar arrived shortly before lunch today. All of them came to the boat around noon and we quickly got situated as well as organized. I and Alvar stayed on the boat. Alvar tried to catch...
Sailing · 09. August 2018
You already know about us hitting the rock, but not how that day continued. We managed to pass the rock without hitting it at the second try and anchored towards rocks in a natural harbor just south of Oskarshamn. The place looked like a small lake and all of us went for a swim after we were properly tied up. Then there was Anna's quiche that we looked forward to and we were not disappointed. After dinner we had a go at the Japanese chicken game with chopsticks. Dirk came up with the idea to do...
Sailing · 08. August 2018
We have arrived at the first natural harbor on the east coast and just at the entrance the map showed 2 rocks on each side to look out for. I was very careful thinking I had just passed the critical passage so I sped up because gusts were displacing me. Suddenly was there a big bang the keel hit one of the rocks. Sad that it happened, but usually this sailboat with its very condensed keel can take a hit like that. Anna got her real swedish archipelago natural harbor hitting rock experience! Now...

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