Natural harbors as we love it!

You already know about us hitting the rock, but not how that day continued. 

We managed to pass the rock without hitting it at the second try and anchored towards rocks in a natural harbor just south of Oskarshamn. The place looked like a small lake and all of us went for a swim after we were properly tied up.

Then there was Anna's quiche that we looked forward to and we were not disappointed. 

After dinner we had a go at the Japanese chicken game with chopsticks. Dirk came up with the idea to do it with your secondary hand instead of main hand. That was very difficult and it turned out the inventor was doing worst! 

Today started with little wind so we motored through different passages with very narrow green and red sticks close together that had to be taken correctly. 

Quite some concentration needed to not get it wrong. 

The last part we could sail again and got ourselves to a beautiful natural harbor half way north to Västervik. 

Here again we all went swimming and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. This is such a beautiful spot and scenery as well as water is rejuvenating. 

Now next dinner is being prepared! 

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