Next natural harbor - Harstena

Today rain stopped and we went to Harstena a beautiful island here with a small group of houses and a mini grocery shop, bakery and a restaurant. 

We placed the boat in a sheltered bay and went for a walk to find everything. 

On the way here Alvar performed superbly steering again, this time motoring in narrow passages between islands.

After enjoying cinnamon and cardamom rolls with coffee in the bakery we went back to the boat. Alvar and Antje got the dinghy back into the water and also went swimming. 

So when Antje and I wanted to fasten/tie up the dinghy again, we slipped and Antje landed in the water. I saved myself with a backflip roll into the dinghy to stay dry not considering how to get back to the big boat without oars. 

Well Antje all emerged with clothes just swam us back to the boat! How heroic is this? She definitely earns the most heroic crew member prize! 

Thanks for saving me and the dinghy! 

Antje all went, but dinghy fastened
Antje all went, but dinghy fastened

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