What a day! Now in Västervik

I woke up shortly after 4 o'clock and heard thunder. Then I checked the weather rain radar and saw a massive thunderstorm heading our way. I got everyone up and we got ready to have some rain and rough conditions. 

After all of us were dressed in raingear we noticed the anchor was not holding well. We put the motor on backwards, keeping us steady while the gusts hit and lightning was around us.

We were lucky over us not the center of the storm seemed to pass rather the edge. 

We saw that more rain would follow and after the worst was over we had breakfast around 6 o'clock.

Dirk did a heroic effort when we wanted to leave by holding the fastening rope and slipping into the water, but not letting go. He even got safely back onto the boat after that helping me navigate the narrow passages out of the natural harbor with wet shorts.

So after breakfast we got ready and left before 8 heading for Västervik. On the open water sailing with southern wind going north, then north west; we had the biggest waves so far this week. 

Everything went well and now we are fast in Västervik harbor right ready for lunch. Only the toilet emptying station we couldn't find and have asked around to find it. So that we're planning to do tomorrow morning, since the wind has picked up additionally with nasty gusts in between. 

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    An Gentz (Friday, 10 August 2018 20:27)

    Anyone sea sick? The thunder and storm woke us upon Kristianstad too at about 4 o'clock tonight. To be on water must have been scary.

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    Anna M. (Saturday, 11 August 2018 12:51)

    Luckily, not at all.
    Dirk and Antje were slightly dizzy, but the feeling passed away quickly. Eating cinnamon buns and chocolate cookies on board while sailing helped. �