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Important news · 02. August 2018
Dear next crew, you will find Sofia II docked here at this pier closest to the yellow service house and the clubhouse. I think it is 6th or 7th spot counted from the water harbor entrance away. Look at the attached picture below trying to give you enough clues. It's about 3km away from the train station, so grabbing a taxi could be good. Ask for Karlskrona Segelsällskapets harbor on Dragsö.
Sailing · 30. July 2018
Sailing · 29. July 2018
What a day, it was supposed to start with thunder in the morning, that didn't manifest. Instead during the day more and more thunderstorm clouds appeared both over land and over see. While we were underway I checked the rain radar repeatedly to see how the development was progressing. This I could do with Alfons the auto pilot working while we sailed. Suddenly, we were on open water, another sailboat just appeared out of nowhere to us and crossed our path. We missed each other by not more than...