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Sailing · 20. August 2018
Finally Martin arrived in Trosa to join us at 20h yesterday evening. We went eating at one of the restaurants near the harbor Fiskens and were treated really well. As a treat Martin picked up the bill for all of us Thanks sweetheart!
10. June 2018
After dinner we walked through Trosa and detected this old phone booth that now is a library leaving books in for free usage.
09. June 2018
My new crew surprised me with a great dinner that Morten cooked with his brought ingredients. After that in the sun on deck we did the security briefing. Now everyone knows where all the fire extinguishers are and all life wests adapted. So now we are ready to set sail tomorrow.
Planning · 09. June 2018
Next thing that is broken! I'm so sad! This rod Martin prepared for my trip organizing everything that I need to fish in the lakes. I had this rod packed in the hardcase suitcase and just now found the broken off tip. I don't know if a rod works without this tip or if it is ruined? This disappoints me more than other things that have broken, because it's a connection with my sweetheart. So sorry Martin, what should I do now?
Sailing · 09. June 2018
After all our morning manoeuvring diesel, toilet emptying and docking we cleaned the boat. As usual it ends up cleaner than when we got it at the beginning. Thanks HD for being such a great sport making the boat ready for the next crew, which arrived at 11h. See you again with Carmen and Tatiana end of July! Safe travels back to Switzerland!
Important news · 09. June 2018
Christine, Thomas and Morten here is the boat docked. Either you find me on the boat or at cafe you see in the back at entrance of harbor. We are on the east side of the creek. See you soon.
Sailing · 09. June 2018
We managed to park perfectly to get diesel, but when finally docked we found out harbor master doesn't arrive till 9 o'clock to turn pumps on. So now we had a coffee waiting and get the dishes cleaned.
08. June 2018
We had another great day of sailing, even if our harbor maneuver at the end were a bit tiresome. HD has challenged me this week as well as prepared me for the rest of the trip. We sailed almost all the way to the light house of Oja the oldest one in Sweden. But 3 sm off we turned our rute and roles around and headed for Trosa. HD and I have had changing roles. One of us navigates and avoids hitting rocks and the other one stears the boat ideally. The sailing has mostly started around 10 and...