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21. June 2018
Weather was not great today again, but at least less rain than yesterday. We finished Göta kanal today by passing through the last lock into the Vänern lake after 10 o'clock after waiting for our turn to get out. The first 40 minutes we were still getting out of the wavy area in front of Sjötorp. As soon as we could head directly towards Mariestad, we could set sails. We sailed for a bit more than an hour and under a bridge with just 2 meters extra room for our mast. Nila helmed the boat for...
Sailing · 21. June 2018
Gian my youngest guest on the boat was very specific beforehand of what he wanted to accomplish during his sailing week. Eating shrimp, learn to fish and send a message in a bottle! Today we accomplished the last thing on his list!
Planning · 25. December 2017
Finally my harbor handbooks for my sailing in summer are complete including the lakes Vättern and Vänern.