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Sailing · 29. June 2018
We are fast in Lilla Bommen harbor in Gothenburg. More later-we managed!
Sailing · 28. June 2018
Today started before 10 o'clock, which had been our goal yesterday, since it's the longest on water today. We were ready at 9.55 and used our VHF radio to call for opening of the first bridge. A while later we reached Trollhättan lock stairs with one huge lock drop and then additionally 3 in a row. Compared to Göta kanal with the highest height difference a bit over 3 meters, Trollhättan was amazingly high! Also the walls where partly still the surface of the pure rocks that the construction...
Sailing · 27. June 2018
Today, probably the hottest day so far, we entered the canal towards Gothenburg: Trollhättan elv/ Göta elv. We didn't do a to long pass getting used to the canal and doing one downward lock today. Lovisa had to steer, because some of the bridges required VHF calling to pass, so she had to manage waiting while I made the radio calls. We passed 4 bridges in total and start with one right after leaving our harbor tomorrow.