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Sailing · 20. June 2018
The repair guy Pär should be here any minute now. Other boats are also waiting to get into the lock. I found Gian's treasure collection, see next picture. Feathers, stones, bark boat, ropes etc.
Sailing · 19. June 2018
As described previously it was an adventures day today for myself. But for Gian our 5 year old it probably turned out to be the best day so far. Sun came out just after breaking. We had to stop many times today, so he could get off the boat. He helped dock longside when emptying the toilet. He could go for a swim in the pool after lunch next to this pier. He got an icecream after the motor stop. He found precious glittering stones. He learned to fish for the first time in his life, even if we...
Important news · 19. June 2018
More delays, so SORRY! What a day today! Right now we are docked longside before the first double lock in Hajstorp on our way to Sjötorp in the Vänern lake. We did the first lock and then the motor didn't start for no apparent reason. The instrument board, didn't show any lights. My first thought was, they are faint and I can't see them so just try again to press the on/off button, then press the motor start button. But nothing happened. Since we had just done our first downward lock of a...