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Planning · 24. January 2018
Thanya and I planning for her 2 weeks participation and looking into options.
12. January 2018
Friday evening right after work Martin and I took the train to Biel to meet up with Katja and Lukas and their son Lukas that is almost 3 years old now to have dinner and discuss them coming along sailing again. Since we took the train all my gear needed to go into the rucksack. Luckily Martin has this big Fjällräven one in Nato blue where all fitted in. We were welcomed by Lars in Biel who had to show us all his toys and drive his car around the fireplace - awesome, kids are so authentic,...
Planning · 28. October 2017
This is how it looks currently in my living room with charts to figure out distances on the floor for planning the sailing routes of next year.